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Developers can use Alexa’s ‘long-form’ speaking style to read the news

Developers building apps that deliver content spoken aloud by AI assistants have a new trick to implement with Amazon’s Alexa voice now. A new “long-form” speaking style (you can hear a sample of it here, compared to the neutral setting here) uses an updated text-to-speech model that’s optimized to read content like this blog post. […]

Overbridge 2 tears down the wall between your PC and your synth

For die hard fans of Elektron, Overbridge is both a boon and an endless source of frustration. Overbridge is the company’s software suite that’s supposed to seamlessly integrate their musical instruments with your computer. By all accounts, when it works, it works pretty well. (I don’t own any Overbridge-compatible gear, so I can’t personally vouch […]

Lime is buying up remnants of electric skateboard company Boosted

Scooter sharing company Lime is scooping up assets of defunct electric skateboard startup Boosted, The Verge has learned. At least five of Boosted’s core patents were assigned to Lime’s holding company on April 15th in the government’s database, and two former employees say Lime has been working on acquiring Boosted’s intellectual property dating back to […]

UN’s internet access goals won’t be met the way we’re going, research shows

There’s nothing like a global pandemic forcing us to stay at home and limiting our in-person interactions with others to remind us quite how much we rely on the internet. But while billions of people see internet access as a given, there’s a very real digital divide — 46% of the world’s population is still […]

You can now set up Google Fi on your iPhone using an eSIM

It should now be considerably easier to give Google Fi a whirl if you’re an iPhone user. As spotted at 9to5Google, you can now activate Google Fi on recent iPhones (XR, XS and newer) using an eSIM. So long as you’re a new customer, you only need the Fi app and a nearby computer (display […]

‘Animal Crossing’ players can easily import art from the Getty Museum

Art lovers playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons now have an easy to way display famous paintings in their virtual homes. The Getty Museum has opened up its collection to players, allowing them to create custom patterns directly from its art pieces using a tool it calls the “Animal Crossing Art Generator.” All players have to […]

New Apple feature aims to make your MacBook battery smarter and last longer

Apple on Thursday announced a small change to MacOS and how the operating system manages the long-term battery health of MacBooks. The feature, simply called battery health management, will be available in MacOS Catalina 10.15.5, first appearing in a dev build, later coming to a public beta of 10.15.5, and finally being released to the […]