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Say cheers to new beginnings of Baisakhi with these easy, nutty recipes

Use your lockdown time to cook up these Baisakhi special recipes. It is the season of harvest and celebrating regional new year for different parts of the country. Even in a lockdown, the spirit of festivities is hard to resist. Baisakhi, one of the most popular festivals celebrated in Punjab and some other states, marks the […]

Looking to build long-term immunity? Try this easy kadha recipe from chef Saransh Goila

Boost your immunity for the long haul. Here’s how. It’s the season of immunity boosters. COVID-19 or not, immunity is a pertinent factor for one’s health in the long run. It not only means one can keep their fitness going but also helps fight several seasonal allergies and infections. Experts are of the view that home remedies for immunity work […]

Celebrate the Easter spirit with these special recipes

Enjoy the festivities at home with these special recipes. Easter is approaching and while the festivities, this year may look different with limited supplies, creating the perfect brunch spread for your family doesn’t have to be a daunting task. Add a twist to the traditional recipes this Easter Sunday on April 12 with our specially curated bunch. Celebrated […]

Being young in times of lockdown: Online classes, virtual dates and more

For starters, dates have become virtual, teachers are seen behind phone screens, and movie nights are all about screen-sharing now. Classes, endless cups of coffee, canteen banter, notes exchange, cafe meet-ups and occasional parties once defined the bitter-sweet pre-quarantine life for youngsters. But, the lockdown period has changed things in unfathomable ways. For starters, dates […]

Weddings in the time of Covid-19: Some hits, mostly misses

Couples who were all set to take their vows, after having spent a long time planning their perfect wedding, have had to hit the pause button. Ruchita confesses to missing the signs. “Maybe it was just the joyous thought of finally solemnising our bond, I somehow completely ignored the whole conversation around the (coronavirus) pandemic.” […]

Indian millennials are getting to know their dates virtually amid the lockdown: Study

Dating in times of Covid-19 is unprecedented and, like everything else, does not come with a manual. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are practising social distancing, which has lead to a spike in virtual dates among millennials. Millennials are pro in virtual dating too, as more than 41 per cent chose dinners and drinks […]

A book a day keeps the blues away; Your lockdown reading is here

* Thousands of e-books are just a download away; many are available on discount, others, free of cost. Publishing house Juggernaut Books has made select titles available for download free on its mobile app. Read the prize-winning Early Indians by Tony Joseph or actor-writer Twinkle Khanna’s Pyjamas are Forgiving, if you are in the mood […]