Looking to build long-term immunity? Try this easy kadha recipe from chef Saransh Goila

Boost your immunity for the long haul. Here’s how.

It’s the season of immunity boosters. COVID-19 or not, immunity is a pertinent factor for one’s health in the long run. It not only means one can keep their fitness going but also helps fight several seasonal allergies and infections. Experts are of the view that home remedies for immunity work wonders when incorporated in one’s lifestyle. Highlighting this, celebrity chef Saransh Goila took to Instagram to share this unique kadha recipe – perhaps, also called “liquid biryani” for its spicy aroma of flavours from the Indian kitchen.

According to Goila, the kadha or immunity boosting tea is anti-viral, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory considering the range of ingredients used. Goila, who drinks the tea every day, believes that immunity has to be worked upon and what better than to take homemade kadhas.

Here’s what Goila mentioned, “Not just for this season but for all! I have pretty much been drinking this ayurvedic liquid gold for years now but in the last year or so thanks to @docraash I’ve learnt to blend just the right ingredients. Some might say it’s like having ‘liquid biryani’. What do you add in your kadha and how is it different? Mine as you can see has eight ingredients and I love this mix!”

If you have been wanting to work upon your immunity as a lifestyle change, what better time than now, right?

Take a look at this easy recipe.

Kadha or Immunity Tea


8-10 no – Peppercorns
2tsp – Saunf
1 no – Star anise
2 no – Garlic cloves (chopped)
7-8 no – Cloves
1 inch – Cinnamon stick
3-4 no – Cardamom pods
1 inch – Ginger
2 cups – Water
2tsp – Honey


Boil water in a pan. Add all the ingredients. Reduce the mixture to one cup of water on a low flame in 20 minutes. Strain the mixture. Add honey to the kadha.

Honey is not just for sweetness but also has anti-inflammatory properties.

If you have been wondering why there is no turmeric or tulsi in the kadha, Goila pointed out in the Live chat with us that one can have include it in their kadha, but he prefers to use turmeric in an altogether different concoction.