Indian millennials are getting to know their dates virtually amid the lockdown: Study

Dating in times of Covid-19 is unprecedented and, like everything else, does not come with a manual. Due to the coronavirus outbreak, people are practising social distancing, which has lead to a spike in virtual dates among millennials.

Millennials are pro in virtual dating too, as more than 41 per cent chose dinners and drinks for an ideal virtual date, according to a study. However, 22 per cent of people preferred watching a movie or a TV show together. But while we may expect corona to put a spanner in the dating scene, Indian millennials have a different story to tell. The study says that people have been able to get to know their matches better through virtual dating, as they have much more time compared to earlier. There is also less pressure of getting ready or creating an impression as most of the dates are taking place in pyjamas and in the comfort of their homes.

According to the dating app study by OkCupid, millions of users around the world are readjusting their dating lives in the wake of the pandemic. “Matches on the dating app have increased by 10 per cent worldwide since March 2020 – and conversations have increased over 20 per cent. This form of virtual dating is ushering in a new era of “slow dating” that’s been welcomed by singles. About 85 per cent of users believe it’s important to develop an emotional connection before a physical one, so the switch to virtual dates has allowed these emotional connections to thrive. Virtual dating brings the focus on the quality of conversations and time spent together, making it easier to figure out whether the person you’re talking to is compatible with you. When it comes to planning virtual dates, both men and women prefer sharing activities as well as drinks and dinner,” reveals the study.

The study states that 91 per cent of Indian respondents said they’ll continue to date, albeit virtually. And the most popular forms of virtual dates in India are messaging and texting. It informed that 33 per cent of men and 42 per cent of women prefer talking on chats, while 32 per cent of men and 13 per cent women like video-chatting. The study also mentioned that even now 27 per cent men and 21 per cent of women like having old fashioned phone calls rather than texting or video-calling. But even now some people are waiting for the pandemic to end to get back to their dating game.